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Block Chain Technology and DataFlex

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

The World Economic Forum recently announced the Block Chain Technology will grow by a staggering 296,000% over the next 7 years and we think that this is probably and underestimate.

Welcome to our report on DataFlex and Block Chain Technology! I assume you have watched the video or understand block chain technology, so let us first look at a few quotes regarding the Block Chain.

The blockchain does one thing: It replaces third-party trust with mathematical proof that something happened.” -Adam Draper.

“The blockchain symbolizes a shift in power from the centers to the edges of the networks.” – William Mougayar

“The blockchain allows our smart devices to speak to each other better and faster.” – Melanie Swan

“Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” – Marc Kenigsberg

Even Warren Buffet has made a multi-billion dollar investment into Block Chain Technology who is famous for hating Technology Investments!

How to create a Block Chain DataFlex Database

To Develop a DataFlex Block Chain Database put basically: you have the Chain or Chains which would be the Dataflex Table or Tables and the Blocks would be the records in that Table. The Block Stamp information, such as Name & Date etc which never varies, and the Hash which would be stored as Fields in that Record!

Block Chain Technology is the Future so get into it now!

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