• Simon James Coyne

DataFlex Reports 2021 Released!

Updated: May 22, 2021

Like DataFlex is geared around the rapid development of Business Software, DataFlex Reports is geared around the rapid development of Business Reports.

Welcome to our report on DataFlex Reports 2021 listed below are a numer of new Features in DataFlex Reports 2021 (Vs. 8.0.1).

In line with the update release for DataFlex 2021 v20 we hereby announce the release of version 8.0.1 for DataFlex Reports.” DataAccess

New Features in DataFlex Reports 2021.

1. An option to automatically create a JSON file with the report definition when saving a .DR file


2. The option to show SQL stored procedures was broken, this has now been resolved!


3. Support of peExportType in web as in Windows


4. Set Objectname in RDS report to table.columname instead of columnname

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